December 27, 2012

LogiPTC - Get Paid Simple and Fast

Site type: Paid to click.
Pays per ad – $0.005 up to $0.01
Payout minimum – $5
Payout methods – Paypal.
Waiting time – One week maximum.
No. of ads available – Varies
Avg earnings per day – varies
Referral levels – 1
Direct referrals limit – Unlimited
Referral earnings – 10% of clicks.
Countries accepted – ALL countries.
Account deletion after inactivity – ?
Detailed info
  • Referral earnings: Free users get 50% of each click made by their direct referrals. Commissions earned by members on each membership levels for all activities are shown below in the following table.
  • Upgrades: No Upgrades.
  • Toolbar: Logiptc toolbar is available to download, even though it is not compulsory to install it. If installed on a browser, it gives notofications whenever an ad is available to click.
  • Some rules on
    • Users are not allowed to use any ad blocking software while viewing ads on logiptc.
  •  Unlimited number of direct referrals: Members can refer as many direct referrals as they can.
  • All countries accepted.
  • Fixed low cashout ($5)
  • No Upgrades.
  • Paying: This website has been paying its users and the payments proofs can be seen on many websites. Given below is a short list of places where you can see the payment proofs related to this website:
    • Other proofs on the internet:
payment logiptc
  • No Forum
  • Click Fraud: Some ads require the users to click google ads on the advertiser’s page, which is against their terms of service. This kind of behavior is termed as click fraud.
  • Cashouts not fixed – The first cashout minimum is $2 and it increases with each payout until it reaches $10, which is relatively a high payout minimum for standard members.
Extra Info
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