December 27, 2012

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Among the priorities in our system, there are:
Probux Ltd. is a Registered Company.
Our system was designed entirely by our team. Scripts were made to run at high performance and our innovative design was built to promote usability and facilities.
Our business plan is based on ads income, in other words, it is a stable and consistent plan in order to be profitable for our members, as well as for our advertisers.
Data Protection;
We use 256-bit SSL on all pages that require extra security to keep all information protected.
Data are stored in a unbreakable MD5 Hash, ensuring privacy, reliability and authenticity.
Server Protection;
Firewall configurations with customized Iptables to protect against hacks.
DDoS Protection to ensure that the system remains stable and available at all times.
reCAPTCHA validation on pages that require enhanced security, avoiding robots attacks.



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